Some Prominent Virginia Families – Vol 1

Some Prominent Virginia Families is a compiled genealogy of prominent families from the state of Virginia, which lists thousands of individuals, including their vital information and background. It contains the biographies, sketches and genealogies, primarily, of the Jaquelin, Cary, Ambler, Smith and Marshall families. Includes the names of approximately 135 allied families. This is volume 1 of the 4 volume set.

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Featured Surnames:

Ambler, Armistead, Blackford, Bowles, Brooke, Burnley, Camm, Carrington, Cary, Chesley, Clarkson, Coke, Colston, Douthat, Duer, Fisher, Fitzhugh, Forsyth, Goodwin, Gravatt, Harper, Harrison, Hatley, Hogue, Holt, Howard, Jacquelin, Jones, Kinney, Lee, Marshall, Mason, Moncure, Morson, Nicholas, Norton, Patrick, Pecquet, Phillips, Pickett, Poindexter, Quarles, Ragland, Ranson, Reading, Sherwood, Smith, Stribling, Turner, Willcox, Willis, and Wilson.


Some Prominent Virginia Families. In four volumes. Edward Jaquelin—Martha Cary, their descendants, and collateral families. By Louise Pecquet du Bellet. J. P. Bell Company (Inc.), Publishers, Lynchburg, Va. 8vo. Vol. I, pp. 286; vol. 11, pp. 811; vol. III, pp. 185 ; vol. IV, pp. 432. Illus.

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