Virginia Genealogy

1756 Militia Roster, Culpeper County, Virginia

Culpeper County, March, 1756. The Virginia Regiment was formed in 1754 by Virginia’s Royal Governor Robert Dinwiddie, as a provincial corps. The regiment served in the French and Indian War, with members participating in actions at Jumonville Glen and Fort Necessity in 1754, the Braddock expedition in 1755, and the Forbes expedition in 1758. Small detachments of the regiment were involved in numerous minor actions along Virginia’s extensive wilderness frontier. Officers Wm. Russell, Lieut. Col. William Brown, Capt. John Field, Lieut. Geo. Weatherall, Serj. Charles Yancey, Ensign John Strother, Capt. Francis Strother, Lieut. William Roberds, Ensign Stephen Rogers, Serj. John …

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History of the Baptist Church in Virginia

Virginia Baptists trace their historical roots to several groups of adult baptizers in early seventeenth-century England, some of whom had previously spent time in Holland. Three distinct types of Baptists initially planted the faith in the colony, at a multiplicity of points. The earliest congregations in Virginia were supported by missionaries from England known as the General Baptists. This branch of the faith was Arminian in orientation, believing that God issued a general offer of salvation to mankind. In their view individuals were invested with free will to accept or reject God’s gift of eternal life. There had been some …

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The Origin and Progress of the Regular Baptists

One of the three original companies of Baptists that emigrated to Virginia came from Maryland. From these arose the Regular Baptists, as they were for a season called in contradistinction to the Separates. These, though not so numerous as the Separates, are a large and very respectable body of people; for, with very few did they come into Virginia, and now they are become several Associations. Besides the Ketocton, which is a very extensive Association, the Red Stone, Greenbrier and Union all sprung from the same source. Our papers do not exactly agree respecting the date at which the first …

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The Union Baptist Church Chingoteague Virginia

History of the Accomac Association, including the Sketches of the Churches

The Accomac Association district lies altogether on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Gospel was first carried thither by Elijah Baker. After Mr. Baker had planted a number of churches both on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, and had been joined by other preachers from different parts, as well as by young ones raised under his ministry, he proposed that the churches should meet by their delegates and form an Association. This they did anno 1784. They took the name of the Salisbury Association from the town of that name in Maryland where they met. They also became …

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Accomack County Virginia Court House built in 1756

Early Court Cases of Accomack County Virginia

The court records abound in curiosities in the way of cases tried before the courts. The courts were strict, and did their best to preserve order, and never failed to administer justice to the best of their ability. The scandal-monger, liar, slanderer, and the common scold fared badly. I have only time for an instance or two, which must have been amusing to those not implicated, who beheld the execution of the sentences. For instance, Goody (or Goodwife) Curtis, the wife of John Curtis, tried to milk her cow one evening in the pen of Thomas Powell. At the same …

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The 1919 Arrow Yearbook - Cape Charles High School, Cape Charles, Virginia

Eastern Shore Public Library Collection of Yearbooks

FREE! Download or read online 120 school yearbooks for Accomack and Northampton county schools. The schools and range of years (all years not available) include: Accomac High School (1948); Atlantic High School (1952-1955); Bloxom High School (1948-1951); Cape Charles High School (1919-1974); Capeville Elementary School (1948-1955); Eastern Shore Citizen’s Council Academy (1971); Hampton Institute (1951-1964); Northampton County High School (1951-1970); Northampton High School (1958-1972); Onancock High School (1945-1977); Saint Philip School of Nursing (1953); School of Practical Nursing (1965-1977); Temperanceville Primary School (1978).

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