King George County Orphans Accounts Index: 1740-1761

The King George County Orphans Accounts index provides an index of probate orphan accounts for King George County, Virginia, covering the years of 1740-1761. These records were microfilmed by the Virginia State Archives as roll # JR459.

54Allen, John1755
20Armstrong, Joseph1749
78Armstrong, Thomas1760
34Ball, Jeduthan  1752
28Ball, Jeduthan & Burgess & Elizabeth1751
59Baltrop, Bowles & John & Francis1756
33Baxter, Mary & Ann & Elizabeth1752
62Booth, Ann & John1757
35Booth, John1752
38Booth, John1752
26Brock, Mary1750
32Bronaugh, Catharin1752
72Brown, Newman1760
56Bryan, Anderson & Richard1755
14Butler, William1749
21Campbell, John1749
47Cocke, Bowler & Elizabeth1752
30Deane, George1751
27Deane, William & Charles & Ann & George1750
52Dignum, Christopher1754
41Drake/Blaicke, Henry1752
5Duff, William1745
57Ederington, John1756
51Elkin, Richard1753
76Farguson, Joshua1760
43Farguson, Josiah1752
49Farguson, Josiah1753
48Golding, Richard1753
2Grant,William & John1743
6Grant,William & Mary1746
60Hackley, Francis1756
64Hackley, Francis1757
74Hansford, Ann1760
77Hord, John1760
36Hoyle, Edward1752
3Jennings, Edward1743
66Jett, Peter1759
44Jones, Elizabeth & John1752
42Kenyon/Kinnian, Abraham1752
53McFarlane, Ralph1755
19Monroe, Thomas & John & Andrew & Mary1749
70Moone, Elizabeth1759
24Moore, Samuel1750
10Morison, John1747
12Morison, John1748
18Morison, John1749
25Morison, John1750
39Morrison, Alexander & John1752
67Munday, Thomas1759
13Mustin, Thomas1748
23Nugent, Peter1750
7Palmer, Margaret1746
8Payne, George1746
22Paytor, John1750
45Pead, Philip1752
58Pitman, Isaac1756
17Richards, Frances1749
16Richards, Margarett1749
71Roach, Susanna & Sceprean1760
63Rosser, James1757
73Schooler, John & William & Thomas1760
61Seale, David1757
69Seale, David & Sarah1759
55Seale, Sarah1755
37Sharp, George1752
15Sherly, Doctor William1749
9Simpson, John1747
1Smith, Nicholas & Elizabeth
31Stribling, Benjamin1752
11Stringfellow, William1748
50Taylor, Henry1753
4Taylor, William1745
40Tool, John1752
65Triplett, James1759
46Turner, Harry1752
29Washington, August1751
75Wren, John   1760
68Wren, John & Ann1759
79Wren, Sally & John1761

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