The Fare Fac Sampler 1937

Fairfax County Public Library Collection of Yearbooks

The Fairfax County Public Library has digitized numerous yearbooks of schools in Fairfax County Virginia. These yearbook images they have placed online for everyone at Internet Archive. To facilitate your access we have provided links to the individual yearbooks below, by year published, oldest to newest. All 257 of these yearbooks, can be read, and/or downloaded from the following links for free!

The schools and range of years (all years not available) include: Annandale High School (1955-1966), Cameron Elementary School (1973), Clifton Elementary School (1973-1976), Fairfax High School (1936-1972), Falls Church High School (1946-1977), Fort Hunt High School (1971), Franconia Elementary School (1971), Garfield Elementary School (1959-1973), George C. Marshall High School (1965-1975), Groveton High School (1957-1976), Hayfield Secondary School (1969-1977), Henry David Thoreau Intermediate School (1965), Herndon High School (1973-1974), Holmes Intermediate School (1971-1973), J. G. Whittier Intermediate School (1967-1977), J. E. B. Stuart High School (1960-1970), James Madison High School (1965-1973), Lake Braddock Secondary School (1974-1976), Langley High School (1971-1975), Luther Jackson High School (1964), Mark Twain Middle School (1965-1977), McLean High School (1963-1973), Mount Vernon High School (1943-1977), Oakton High School (1968-1976), Robert E. Lee High School (1960-1976), Robert Frost Intermediate School (1965-1977), Robinson Secondary School (1972-1977), Sydney Lanier Intermediate School (1961-1976), Thomas A. Edison High School (1963-1977), Thomas Jefferson High School (1967-1973), Washington Irving High School (1965-1967), West Springfield High School (1967-1976), Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School (1963-1977), and Wilton Woods Elementary School (1974-1977).

Annandale High School Yearbooks

Cameron Elementary School Yearbooks

Clifton Elementary School Yearbooks

Fairfax High School Yearbooks

Falls Church High School Yearbooks

Fort Hunt High School Yearbooks

Franconia Elementary School Yearbooks

Garfield Elementary School Yearbooks

George C. Marshall High School Yearbooks

Groveton High School Yearbooks

Hayfield Secondary School Yearbooks

Henry David Thoreau Intermediate School Yearbooks

Herndon High School Yearbooks

Holmes Intermediate School Yearbooks

J. G. Whittier Intermediate School Yearbooks

J. E. B. Stuart High School Yearbooks

James Madison High School Yearbooks

Lake Braddock Secondary School Yearbooks

Langley High School Yearbooks

Luther Jackson High School Yearbooks

Mark Twain Middle School Yearbooks

McLean High School Yearbooks

Mount Vernon High School Yearbooks

Oakton High School Yearbooks

Robert E. Lee High School Yearbooks

Robert Frost Intermediate School Yearbooks

Robinson Secondary School Yearbooks

Sydney Lanier Intermediate School Yearbooks

Thomas A. Edison High School Yearbooks

Thomas Jefferson High School Yearbooks

Washington Irving Middle School Yearbooks

West Springfield High School Yearbooks

Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School Yearbooks

Wilton Woods Elementary School Yearbooks

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