1756 Militia Roster, Culpeper County, Virginia

Culpeper County, March, 1756.

The Virginia Regiment was formed in 1754 by Virginia’s Royal Governor Robert Dinwiddie, as a provincial corps. The regiment served in the French and Indian War, with members participating in actions at Jumonville Glen and Fort Necessity in 1754, the Braddock expedition in 1755, and the Forbes expedition in 1758. Small detachments of the regiment were involved in numerous minor actions along Virginia’s extensive wilderness frontier.


Wm. Russell, Lieut. Col.
William Brown, Capt.
John Field, Lieut.
Geo. Weatherall, Serj.

Charles Yancey, Ensign
John Strother, Capt.
Francis Strother, Lieut.
William Roberds, Ensign

Stephen Rogers, Serj.
John Gambill, Serj.
Henry Gambill, Serj.
Sallis Hansford, Serj.

Foot Soldiers

Francis Cooper
Wm. McDaniel
John Thomas
Miles Murfee
John Hayes
John Graham
Joshua Sherald
Wm. Wall
Jacob Browning
Wm. Boworn
John Laton
Rich. Burk
Rich. Parks
Nicholas Yager
Cornelius Mitchell
John Browning
William Tapp
Samuel Moore

John Willhoit
James Gillison
Benj. Morgan
John Shropshire
David Bridges
John Younger
John Bowman
George Goggan
Mordock Mackenzie
Jacob Wall
John Dixon Wright
Daniel Delaney
Alexander Baxter
John Cave
James Nash
Wm. Twiman
Joel Yarborough

Francis Grant
Adam Maland
Adam Barler
John Greson
John Relsback
Andrew Carpenter
Lewis Fisher
John Gloor
Matthias Weaver
Christopher Barler
Timothy Swindele
John Plunketpeter
Matthias Rouce
Wm. Yager
John Grim
Jacob Harroback
Harmer Young
Henry Gaines

Source: Hening, William Waller. The statutes at large: being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the legislature, in the year 1619, 13 Volumes. New York: Printed for the editor, by R. & W. & G. Bartow., 1823.

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  1. Hi,
    Interested in Virginia militia roster records from the 1750 to 1760 time period.
    In particular, would like to locate rosters of those serving at the time of the Fort Necessity and Braddock Expeditions (Battle at Monongahela). Does anyone have a complete, or nearly complete, compilation of these rosters from this time period, or are records scattered on a county-by-county basis? My understanding is that many deaths and injuries resulted in these engagements.

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