Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Collection of Yearbooks

The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library has digitized numerous yearbooks of Lovingston and Nelson County High School in Lovingston, Virginia. These yearbook images they have placed online for everyone at Internet Archive. To facilitate your access, we have provided links to the individual yearbooks below, by year published, oldest to newest. All 51 of these yearbooks, can be read, and/or downloaded from the following links for free!

The schools and range of years (all years not available) include: Lovingston High School (1936-1954); and Nelson County High School (1956-1975).

Lovingston High School Yearbooks

Lovingston High School, a historical educational institution, is situated in Lovingston, Nelson County, Virginia. This one-story building, designed in the Colonial Revival style, was established in 1931 and initially accommodated students from first to eleventh grade. The class yearbooks started in 1936 as The Cycle and ran through 1954 when the new High School was built, excepting one year, 1947 when they class chose to call the yearbook School Daze. From 1954 to at least 1975 there they were called The Governor.

Nelson County High School Yearbooks

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