Grayson County, Virginia Deaths in World War II

NameRankNext of KinTown
Anders, Walter R.Pvt.
Anderson, Ralph H.Pvt.Mother Lelia Etta AndersonGrant
Anderson, William E., Jr.Cpl.Mother Mrs. Ina AndersonVolney
Ausburne, Robert L.Pvt.Wife Mrs. Sadkie J. AusburneGalax
Ayers, Gordon W.SgtMother, Mrs. Jennie B. AyersGalax
Bailey, William MarshallCBMWife, Mrs. Sammy Imogene BaileyGalax
Baker, James J.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Sarah BakerGalax
Bartlett, Clifford H.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Maude V. BartlettGalax
Barton, John V.PFCMother, Mrs. Sarah Y. BartonFox
Blevins, James AlfredPFCMother, Mrs. Margaret Matisha BlevinsTroutdale
Boyer, Otis R.Sgt.Father, C. W. BoyerFries
Boyer, Sam J.PFCWife, Mrs. Frances L. BoyerIndependence
Brewer, George G.
Burcham, Quinton R.PFCSister Mrs. Ruby BurchamGalax
Burcham, Rush HamptonPFCWife, Mrs. Flora White BurchamGalax
Butcher, Clyde B.Pvt
Byrd, Oliver SydneyPFCWife, Mrs. Elva M. ByrdFries
Carrico, Dempsey J.PFCWife, Mrs. Lena R. CarricoFries
Cates, John G.S/Sgt.Mother, Mrs. Ida Lou Cates,Statesville, NC
Caudell, Charles H.PFCWife, Mrs. Opal E. CaudellGalax
Cockerham, BoydPFCMother, Mrs. Eunice CockerhamGalax
Cornette, OlenPvt.Wife, Mrs. Ida T. CornetteGrant
Cox, Roald B.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Imagne O. CoxRugby
Cox, Robert A.1st Lt.Father, Roy CoxBridle Creek
Crigger, Otis L.PFCMother, Mrs. Annie D. CriggerGalax
Davis, Herbert A.Pvt.Wife, Mrs. Elva B. DavisOldtown
Delp, Curtis Dale2nd Lt.Mother, Mrs. Lester C. DelpGalax
Dickens, William GlennPFCMother, Mrs. Naomi C. DickensGalax
Edwards, DanS2CParents, Mr. & Mrs. John D. EdwardsOldtown
Emerson, John O.S/Sgt.Mother, Mrs. Daisy C. EmersonGrant
Evans, Paul E.,Pvt.Wife, Mrs. Sybal J. EvansFries
Faircloth, Fred J.Pvt.Wife, Mrs. Mae N. FairclothWhitetop
Funk, Edwin E.PFCMother, Mrs. Myrle E. FunkFries
Galyean, Kyle M.PFCSister, Mrs. Blanche G. JenningsGalax
Galyean, Roy E.PFCMother, Mrs. Elise Mandy GalyeanBaywood
Gilley, Russell JamesPFCMother, Mrs. Oda GilleyFries
Goad, Fred W.S/Sgt.Mother, Mrs. Mary E. GoadGalax
Grabovich, Stephen A.Pvt.Wife, Mrs. Mildred E. GrabovichGalax
Graybeal, James W.S/Sgt.Sister, Mrs. Ruth StamperIndependence
Grubb, Francis E.PFCMother, Mrs. Minnie GrubbPreston, NC
Halsey, Glen B.T/5Mother, Mrs. Myrtle L. HalseyMouth of Wilson
Halsey, Kyle J.Sgt.Father, Jack HalseyMouth of Wilson
Hampton, Rupert LeeMM2cParents, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Calvin HamptonGalax
Handy, Albert M.S/Sgt.Mother, Mnrs. Minnie R. HandyFries
Hart, Charlie H.Pvt.Wife, Mrs. Beula C. HartWhitetop
Hash, Carl HaroldPvt.Wife, Mrs. Anna M. HashComers Rock
Hash, Emmett, Jr.PFCMother, Mrs. Edna F. HashFox
Higgins, Bert WoodiePFCWife, Mrs. Lizzie A. Roberts HigginsGalax
Hill, Fred C.S/Sgt.Parents, Mr. & Mrs. G. E. HillFries
Huffman, Carl E.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Allie C. HuffmanTroutdale
Isom, Curtis EugenePvt.Wife, Mrs. Lottie I. Montgomery IsomGalax
Johnson, BlanePFCMother, Mrs. Ennis JohnsonVolney
Joines, John D.Pvt.Father, Carlton R. JoinesIndependence
Jones, Burchell D.PFCMother, Mrs. Ollie B. JonesComers Rock
Kegley, Ray S.PFCMother, Mrs. Claudie KegleyGalax
Lampkin, Jack C.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Gertie LampkinGalax
Landreth, Benjamin S.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Ollie V. LandrethGalax
Lowe, Noah D.PFCMother, Mrs. Delphia LoweGalax
Lowe, Romey E.PFCMother, Mrs. Floss LoweGalax
Mauney, John M.
Mayberry, Charles PressleyPvt.Wife, Mrs. Charles P. MayberryStatesville, NC
Mickey, Harold RobertPFCMother, Mrs. Daisy E. Spivey MickeyGalax
Miller, ArlinS/Sgt.Father, Charles MillerWhitetop
Newman, James L.PFCMother, Mrs. Mildred J. NewmanGalax
Noblitt, William G.AvCFather, L. B. NoblittSweetwater, TN
Parsons, Eugene F.PFCMother, Mrs. Carrie ParsonsTroutdale
Pennington, Woodrow W.Cpl.Mother, Mrs. S. J. PenningtonTroutdale
Phipps, Letcher C.PFCMother, Mrs. Lou Helen PhippsFox
Pinion, James A.PFCFather, Gwyn L. PinionIndependence
Powers, Rex W.PFCMother, Mrs. Bertha PowersWhitetop
Price, James R.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Lelia PriceTroutdale
Reavis, Edward BruceARM3cWife, Mrs. Imagean Maxine ReavisGalax
Richardson, Darrell F.Pvt.Sister, Mrs. Viola SpencerRugby
Roberts, William T.Cpl.Parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. H. RobertsMayodan, NC
Sebastian, Curtis L.2nd Lt.Father, Fitzhugh L. SebastianGrant
Shepherd, OdellPFCMother, Mrs. Lettie ShepherdWhitetop
Shores, Charlie WoodrowPFCFather, John H. ShoresGalax
Shortt, Swanson TroyLt.Mother, Mrs. M. R. EvansGalax
Shupe, Oscar G.Pvt.Father, Ben ShupeGalax
Simms, Kasper K.S/Sgt.Mother, Mrs. Bertha M. SimmsComers Rock
Sizemore, Leslie JeanPFCWife, Mrs. Kathleen SizemoreGalax
Smith, Edgar G.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Annie A. SmithGalax
Stamper, Arnold E.PFCWife, Mrs. Virgie L. StamperIndependence
Sutherland, Aldon D.Father, Chap SutherlandComers Rock
Sutherland, Ellis G.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Mary Rhudy SutherlandGalax
Sutphin, Sherman Charles ArthurSgt.Wife, Mrs. Beatrice Lee SutphinGalax
Sutphin, William RandolphPvt.Mother, Mrs. Mary Magdline WallerFries
Swayne, Robert J.Sgt.Wife, Mrs. Mildred R. SwayneGalax
Thomas, Edward C.Pvt.Independence
Vaughan, Joseph B.Pvt.Mother, Mrs. Madge VaughnIndependence
Weatherman, Dan J.PFCMother, Mrs. Laura WeathermanGalax
Weaver, Edward M.S/Sgt.
Weaver, William W.PFCMother, Mrs. Pearl WeaverRugby
Webb, James CecilS1cMother, Mrs. Eddie Webb StoneComers Rock
Winesett, Louis Eli, Jr.PFCWife, Mrs. DeEtta Vondaforst WinesettGalax

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